Policy Tracker: Explore Our Data

The LobbyMap platform currently contains over 5,500 evidence items of corporate and industry association engagement with climate policy issues in Japan.

The Policy Trackers aggregate and summarize trends of corporate policy positions towards critical Japanese climate policy in real time. The Trackers can also be used to investigate the likely impact this policy engagement has on the policies, and explore the most engaged companies and industry associations on each issue.

Explore the Policy Trackers from the drop-down options below:

Climate Ambition

2050 Carbon Neutrality Target, 2030 GHG Emissions Reduction Target

Carbon Pricing Policy

Need for Carbon Pricing, Carbon taxes, and Emissions Trading Schemes

Energy and Resource Efficiency

2030 Net Zero Energy House (ZEH) and Net Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB)

Renewable Energy

2030 Renewable Target, Feed-in-tariff (FIT)/Feed-in-premium (FIP), and Corporate renewable procurement policies (including corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs))

Energy Transition & Zero Carbon Technology

Power Sector Transition

The histograms below show the number of engagements InfluenceMap has tracked on each policy since 2020 and whether they are supportive or oppositional.


opposing not supporting mixed/unclear supporting strongly supporting